Friday, February 24, 2012

New Software

During the past couple of weeks I have learned about software that I never knew how to use, such as Publisher, Inspiration, Smart Board, etc. Along with learning on how to use all of these softwares, I also learned when to use them, what for, etc. I think it was very beneficial to actually take time to learn these new skills. I am excited to use my new skills learned with student teaching as well as in my very own classroom. It is beneficial that I learn these skills now, because once I start my career, all new technologies will be building on top of the skills I have learned!

Although I think that all of the software that I learned will be the most useful, I have to say that the Smart Board software is the most helpful one to me. In every classroom, for the most part there is a smart board. A smart board is the new way of presenteing information, activities, videos, etc. Most classrooms are during away with chalk boards and white boards and using the interactive smart board. This will be the most helpful to be because I will need to know how to use the smart board, what I can do with it etc. Also I will probally be to the one educating my coop- teacher while I am student teaching.

There are many ways that these softwares will help me as a teacher! Inspiration is a great tool that can be used by a teacher or students. It is a great way to help make graphs, concepts maps, outlines, etc. Publisher is a great tool to make flyers, newletters, banners, charts, cards, etc. It is easy enough for the students to use as well! A newletter is a creat way to let the parents know what is going on in the classroom. The smart board is my favorite tool that will help me as a teacher. I can create different slides (pages). These pages can be interactive, which will allow students to interactive with the board.  I can use the smart board, to practice anything from math, to writing, etc. Also the Smart board is a create tool to use as a pre asssessment or closure in a lesson. Students can take interactive quizzes which can be create right than and there.

I am sure that on the new softwares that I learned about there are so many other teacher tools, student tools that I have not yet discovered, and I can't until I have time to play around with and use these new technologies within my classroom!

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