Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Before I learned anything about photoshop I went into class thinking it was going to be so hard. I work with photoshop back in 10th grade on my brothers computer, but the only tool I used was the cropping tool. However, after learning the basic tools on photoshop I grown to really like the program. It is very simple to use! Obviously like I stated before pretty much everything was new to me. The tool that I absoultely love is the snipping tool! Photoshop will deffiently play a role in my future when it comes to the web. I will not only apply my skills in photoshop on my personal webpages, but I could defiently see photshop used on a my classroom webpage when I have a class. I think this is something that can be taught in schools, however I think for the older grades. A great way this could be taught is in a yearbook club. Obviously all of these tools could be used when producing a school yearbook. It could even be taught when students are creating flyers, comics, etc for a project.