Sunday, March 18, 2012

Copyright for Teachers

As a teacher it is important to be awhere of how to use copyright items within a classroom. Although many teachers probally don't think that they are doing anything unlawful when adding a picture here an there, making copies of certain writings, etc. but teachers should know and follow the copyright laws for teachers. These laws cover everything from showing a picture, making copies, showing videos, sharing music, computer software, etc.

Before reading about copyright I honestly didn't think that there were guidelines for teachers copying materials. I was really surprised that teachers can only show 10% of a video to a class or 3 minutes, whichever is shorter.

In my past classes I know that many teachers did not follow the copyright laws of printing copies to give to the class. Also I know some teachers have showed videos, music clips etc. longer then the 10% or 3 mins allowed by copyright laws. Outside of the classroom I see copyright laws being broken, just by walking down the street. Such as those t-shirt stands in the mall.

I think it is important to teach students about copyright laws. I would do this by having a display of all the laws within a classroom hanging somewhere where students can see. Also I would lead by example and follow the rules myself. I will even point out when I had to use the copyright laws.

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